A Powerful Alliance

The power behind every business is power. Since its inception in 2009, the Employers' Energy Alliance of Pennsylvania (EEA-PA), a subsidiary of the Manufacturer & Business Association, has supported its members' energy needs. That means consistently looking for ways to help them maintain a competitive advantage.

The creation of an alliance with BidURenergy, Inc. (BUE), Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS) and NRG Business Solutions has exponentially expanded the EEA-PA's supplier base with more products and more advanced services to meet the needs of both the smallest and largest energy usage companies.

We are here to assist with all of your energy needs, no matter how simple or complex they may be. It's what you can expect from the Association and the EEA-PA.


Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) - As the largest association of its kind in the United States, the MBA staff applies its talent, tools, training and services to help its more than 4,000 member companies achieve a higher level of success in their business operations.

Employers' Energy Alliance of Pennsylvania, Inc. (EEA-PA) - dedicated to providing its members with the lowest cost energy for the energy supply product that best suits their needs.

BidURenergy, Inc. (BUE) - the premier energy supply consulting firm in North America.

Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS) - recognized as the most respected and reputable voice in Demand Response curtailment services.

NRG Business Solutions - the nation's largest and most diverse power provider.